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Photo Gallery

This photo gallery shows some of the problems I have found while inspecting homes.
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Porch flashing missing Porch flashing missing.

These two pictures depict an intersection between a porch and a roof.
There is no waterproof membrane or flashing to protect the decking and wall beneath.

Saging deck from ac condensate.

This is what happens when the Air Conditioning condensate line is allowed to drip directly on the roof.

Porch that has failed Porch Porch

This porch has settled quite a bit.
There is no turn down around the edges.
There is wood to earth contact. A prime invitation for termites.

Bird nest in gutters

These baby birds may look cute, but they can cause damage to the house and plug up the gutter with debris.

Tree leaning into house

This tree is too close to the house. It is a bridge for ants and other insects to get into the house. It is also a matter of time before the tree falls into the house. Any vegetation up against the house will eventually grow into the structure.

Missing vent flashing Missing vent flashing

These two vents are missing flashing. The wood and vapor barrier are directly exposed to the sun and rain. It is only a matter of time before it leaks. This house is only one year old. The home owner is lucky this was caught before his builder warranty was up.

Kinked dryer duct

This dryer duct has too many bends in it. These bends can cause lint to collect and cause a fire.

Candle making in basement Candle making in basement

I wonder how many health codes were violated hiding a scented candle making business in this basement

More coming soon.  Check back later.